Earthen Browns cookware ensures 100% natural and Healthy cooking.

Earthen Browns

Our Story

Since our inception, we wanted to play a significant role in making a positive contribution to the local potter community. We are a group of qualified artists, artisans who are passionate about making cookware and serveware using natural clay without chemical additives. We want you to experience cooking in natural clay pots that offer immense health benefits. All our pieces are 100% handmade with no machines used in the process.


We are not mass-market oriented. Each of our collections is carefully curated for the highest quality of craftsmanship and durability. We source our clay from various sites in India from unpolluted environments and primarily use our hands and simple tools to create a variety of both cookware and serveware.

Whether you are new to clay pot cooking, are a seasoned clay pot user, or are looking to switch from industrial cookware materials, you will find our products easy-to-use and maintain, while allowing you to experience cooking a wide variety of cuisines including western, Asian, middle eastern, African, Mediterranean – from baking lasagna to making yoghurt at home, enriched with natural minerals from the clay pot.

From our extensive research as well as from our experience of using terracotta ware over many decades, we find that natural pots promote a sustainable, healthy way of life – from drinking water in clay tumblers, to cooking in clay vessels, to growing your microgreens in clay pots and serving your food in contemporary and aesthetic clay serveware. By being a patron of an Earthen Browns product, you become an essential part of this story.

Earth is what we have in common